Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aftershocks ..

Appearently eating too much chocolate will raise the HP level in your mouth by a greate amount. Its like i had eaten lemons ... I should go wash my teeth.

On other news. I have found this great game. Its from the creator of QWOP and its just as addicting.


Leave comments how far you get..


thats how the game looks like

It begins..

So Welcome to read my very INTERESTING blog. Ok ... those of you, who already think I am a jerk, can leave now! Thanks for coming.
For the rest of you all - this is going to be a blog about my every doings and stuff.

Ok, so - why is the blog called ' Dragons and chocolate' ?, you might ask. Easy, I LIKE CHOCOLATE.
I like chocolate that much that yesterday I bought 800g of chocolate. It was like 40% cheaper somehow  and I just went for it. The crazy part is, that at the moment (like 15 hours later), I have eaten it all. Every last bit.

If anyone wants to say that I should visit a dentist soon or call me fatty or something be sure to do that by leaving a comment.